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Bradys Clean 2000 Mustang GT | The Purge

Really stoked on this edit of Brady's 2000 Mustang GT. The car is almost in every one of my videos so I figured it was time to go ahead and finally make an edit with this one. I am always looking for new ways to improve my vlogs, edits, and any of my videos in general really. Let me know if you guys are digging this edit style as much as I am. ➡SUBSCRIBE!⬅ ????TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS!!???? Follow me on social media: ▶Instagram: ▶Twitter: ▶Snapchat: @thenick1136 ▶Facebook: Check out this video ⬇⬇⬇ ▶ Music: ▶ ▶ 2017 Upcoming Videos and events: Got alot of big plans coming this spring and summer in 2017! Tons of new installs will be coming up for my car and some of the bros cars as well! I am going to try and upload more than once a week as long as I continie to put out the best content I can. Also upcoming events that I will be attending and vlogging include ▶Ice Cream Cruise ▶Import alliance ▶ODrift Collective events ▶Heads up No-prep ▶Street Car Takeover Events are subject to change and others are bound to be added to the list. Got a dope car? If you have a car you would like to show off in a vid contact me through instagram or facebook and we can look into setting something up. Collabs? If any other YouTuber in NE or around or attending any of the Events listed above contact me ASAP and we can arrange to collaborate.
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